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May, 2010:


I’ve officially started uploading scanned pictures, setting-up ancestor pages, and organizing surname directories. I’m also learning (slowly) how to customize WordPress. Thanks need to be given to Ravi Varma for his excellent theme (i.e., PrimePress) and blog. Not sure if I’ll keep the theme long term, but it’s more than serving its purpose for now. While I haven’t done any actual research in a while, I have been getting lots of correspondence from researchers (new and former contacts), which is putting a small fire under my butt to get out there and find new connections, scan more photos, &c. I’ll be posting all new and exciting finds here. Thanks again for visiting.


And so it continues… Welcome to the latest reincarnation of my family tree web site (“The Genealogy Bits” was first posted in May 1996). As the days, weeks, and months unfold, I will be populating this site with the latest genealogical information and photos that I’ve been able to collect. I hope you have as much fun reading and viewing the results as I’ve had collecting them. As always, if you have any questions (or even better: contributions!), please e-mail me . Thanks!