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Family history research has a way of ballooning far beyond the genealogist’s original intent. Even with up-to-date software (I’ve been using Wholly Genes’ “The Master Genealogist” for several years) the sheer numbers of ancestors, aunts, uncles, cousins, second-cousins, third-cousins, their children, their children’s descendants, &c. quickly become overwhelming. Let’s call this “Tree Creep”. Because of Tree Creep, it is important (especially with a web site like this one) to set some parameters. For that very reason, this site is devoted to exploring my direct ancestors (primarily) with some small bits of data on their immediate families. For the most part, I won’t be exploring who the mother-in-law was of my second-cousin’s third-wife (though I continue to collect that stuff for my personal database!) While my database is crammed with information that is “possible”, “probable”, and “likely” (all tagged with the appropriate sureties), the information on this site has all been confirmed to a reasonable degree. Why? While I hope to communicate with all interested visitors to this site (that’s sort of the point to making the information public), there will inevitably be those who stop by, copy some info, and continue into the ether without a “Hello.” Since I won’t be able to explain to these hit-and-run web-surfers any caveats I might have regarding this or that, the information provided here needs to have a relatively high surety value (i.e., meaning that I’ve seen primary sources to support it).

So, I guess that’s my “About” page. WordPress suggests creating one to tell visitors a little bit about the site. It didn’t hurt too much, I guess. Off to create the content!

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